Connectivity Issues with Arc Hub

Connectivity Issues with Arc Hub


If you’re having connectivity issues (HDMI/MDP not working, inconsistent connections, computer crashes when Arc Hub is in use, etc.) when using the HDMI and/or Mini DisplayPort, it could be a small conflict between the firmware in the Arc Hub’s chipset and the current version of MacOS.We have two methods for resolving these issues. Both methods have been tested by our engineers and confirmed to work through customer feedback.

Method 1: Reset the NVRAM

In some cases involving issues within the MacBook Pro, doing a simple reset of the NVRAM will solve the issue. We recommend trying this method first before moving onto the second method. For Apple’s tutorial on how to reset the NVRAM, click here.

Method 2: Reset the SMC

If the first method did not resolve any of the connectivity issues, we recommend resetting the System Management Controller (SMC) on your Mac. For Apple’s tutorial on how to reset the SMC, click here. Note: Please use the instructions under “How to reset the SMC on Mac notebook computers” and follow the steps under the heading “If the battery is non-removable”

Method 3: Replace 3rd Party Connectors with Higher Quality Cables/Connections

We found in our tests that cheaply made connectors/cables like Amazon Basics or similar lower priced connectors, will not work with Arc Hub. This mostly applies to HDMI cables, Mini DisplayPort adapters, and USB 3.0 cables. We recommend buying a higher quality connector like one from Belkin or a similar higher quality brand.

Please also note that Arc Hub is sometimes not compatible with older monitors (pre-2010).

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