I Have Not Received My Order

I Have Not Received My Order

Contact Courier

If you have not received your order, please contact the courier shipping out your order (i.e. UPS, Aramex, FedEx, etc.) This is the most effective method for locating an order that is delayed.

**For those shipping with HK Post, please contact your country's post office (i.e. USPS, Canada Post, etc). as HK Post hands off shipments to your local post office for delivery.**

Stuck In Customs

If your order is stuck in customs, it can mean a few things:

  1. The customs duty has not been paid and therefore the shipment is being held at customs. This is the most common issue with our orders. If you have not paid the customs duty to release your shipment, then your order will remain in customs until it has been paid. In most cases the courier shipping out the order will contact you regarding this to pre-pay ahead of time.
  2. Your order has had an extended review by customs.

If none of these scenarios apply or if you still have not received your shipment after calling the courier, please contact our support team and they will gladly assist.